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Norwegian Fjiords Tour

Norwegian Fjiords Tour


Norway. Famous for it's fjiords and legends of Vikings and sea monsters. Our tour down the west coast will bring to life some of the adventures of this fabled coastline.

Our tour begins at Vasdo (water-island) and site of an airship mast used by Amundsen for his polar expedition in 1926 and ends in Olso. Norway's Capital City

Start Date:08.08.2020
End Date:15.08.2022
Allowed Aircraft Types:BE58, BN2P, C162, C172, C177, C182, C208, C210, C337, C404, C404, DA40, DA42, DA62, DHC2, DHC3, DR40, DR41, LEG2, PA24, PA28, PA46, SR22, TBM8, TBM9, TRIM

Tour Legs

Leg Departure Arrival Duration Details
1 ENVD Vadsa Airport ENHF Hammerfest Airport 01:00:00 N/A
2 ENHF Hammerfest Airport ENSR Sarkjosen Airport 00:30:00 N/A
3 ENSR Sarkjosen Airport ENTC Tromso Airport 00:25:00 N/A
4 ENTC Tromso Airport ENDU Bardufoss Airport 00:20:00 N/A
5 ENDU Bardufoss Airport ENAN Andaya Airport 00:30:00 N/A
6 ENAN Andaya Airport ENSK Stokmarknes Skagen Airport 00:30:00 N/A
7 ENSK Stokmarknes Skagen Airport ENLK Leknes Airport 00:30:00 N/A
8 ENLK Leknes Airport ENNK Narvik Framnes Airport 00:40:00 N/A
9 ENNK Narvik Framnes Airport ENBO Bodo Airport 00:45:00 N/A
10 ENBO Bodo Airport ENRA Mo i Rana Airport 00:25:00 N/A
11 ENRA Mo i Rana Airport ENST Sandnessjaen Airport (Stokka) 00:30:00 N/A
12 ENST Sandnessjaen Airport (Stokka) ENRM Rarvik Airport, Ryum 00:35:00 N/A
13 ENRM Rarvik Airport, Ryum ENVA Trondheim Airport Vaernes 00:40:00 N/A
14 ENVA Trondheim Airport Vaernes ENOP Fagerhaug Airport 00:30:00 N/A
15 ENOP Fagerhaug Airport ENKB Kristiansund Airport (Kvernberget) 00:30:00 N/A
16 ENKB Kristiansund Airport (Kvernberget) ENAL Alesund Airport 00:30:00 N/A
17 ENAL Alesund Airport ENSD Sandane Airport (Anda) 00:20:00 N/A
18 ENSD Sandane Airport (Anda) ENSG Sogndal Airport 00:20:00 N/A
19 ENSG Sogndal Airport ENBR Bergen Airport Flesland 00:30:00 N/A
20 ENBR Bergen Airport Flesland ENHD Haugesund Airport 00:35:00 N/A
21 ENHD Haugesund Airport ENLI Lista Airport 00:40:00 N/A
22 ENLI Lista Airport ENTO Sandefjord Airport, Torp 01:00:00 N/A
23 ENTO Sandefjord Airport, Torp ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport 00:30:00 N/A

Tour Map

Tour Signup

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Pilot Current Position On Tour since Aircraft
OAV001 Peter Faase ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport 07.12.2021 DA62
OAV002 Jim Lowery ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport 13.08.2020 BE58
OAV003 Howard Brennan ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport 17.08.2020 DA42
OAV006 Terry Murphy ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport 24.09.2020 C182
OAV007 Peter Callewaert ENHF Hammerfest Airport 18.08.2020 BE58
OAV008 Willem Ruys ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport 07.12.2021 DA62
OAV010 Gordon Taylor ENVD Vadsa Airport 26.12.2020 BE58
OAV011 John Higgs ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport 16.12.2020 BE58
OAV012 Wen Tian Sun ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport 21.08.2020 BE58
OAV014 Mal Millard ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport 16.08.2020 C172