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Grande Tour de France

Grande Tour de France


A 2100nm circular VFR tour of France beginning and ending at Calais and taking in most of the 13 regions.

Although larger airframes have been included in the aircraft list, this tour has been designed for, and is best suited to, small GA aircraft,

41 legs, average leg length - 53nm

Start Date:11.06.2021
Allowed Aircraft Types:B206, B407, B429, B60, BE33, BE58, BE9L, BN2P, C162, C172, C177, C182, C208, C210, C337, C404, C404, C47, DA40, DA42, DA62, DC3, DHC2, DHC3, DHC6, DR40, DR41, KODI, LEG2, M20T, PA18, PA24, PA28, PA46, R44, R66, S61, SR22, ST75, TBM8, TBM9

Tour Legs

Leg Departure Arrival Duration Details
1 LFAC Calais-Dunkerque Airport LFAV Valenciennes-Denain Airport 00:45:00 N/A
2 LFAV Valenciennes-Denain Airport LFQV Charleville-Mezieres Airport 00:30:00 N/A
3 LFQV Charleville-Mezieres Airport LFJY Chambley-Bussieres Air Base 00:30:00 N/A
4 LFJY Chambley-Bussieres Air Base LFQA Aerodrome de Reims Prunay 00:30:00 N/A
5 LFQA Aerodrome de Reims Prunay LFQB Troyes-Barberey Airport 00:30:00 N/A
6 LFQB Troyes-Barberey Airport LFSG Epinal-Mirecourt Airport 00:45:00 N/A
7 LFSG Epinal-Mirecourt Airport LFGA Colmar-Houssen Airport 00:30:00 N/A
8 LFGA Colmar-Houssen Airport LFSM Montbeliard-Courcelles Airfield 00:20:00 N/A
9 LFSM Montbeliard-Courcelles Airfield LFGJ Dole-Tavaux Airport 00:30:00 N/A
10 LFGJ Dole-Tavaux Airport LFLP Annecy-Haute-Savoie-Mont Blanc Airport 00:45:00 N/A
11 LFLP Annecy-Haute-Savoie-Mont Blanc Airport LFLJ Courchevel Airport 00:20:00 N/A
12 LFLJ Courchevel Airport LFLS Grenoble-Isere Airport 00:30:00 N/A
13 LFLS Grenoble-Isere Airport LFLQ Aerodrome de Montelimar - Ancone 00:30:00 N/A
14 LFLQ Aerodrome de Montelimar - Ancone LFMV Avignon-Caumont Airport 00:20:00 N/A
15 LFMV Avignon-Caumont Airport LFMT Montpellier-Mediterranee Airport 00:20:00 N/A
16 LFMT Montpellier-Mediterranee Airport LFCM Millau-Larzac Airfield 00:20:00 N/A
17 LFCM Millau-Larzac Airfield LFMK Carcassonne Airport 00:30:00 N/A
18 LFMK Carcassonne Airport LFBR Aerodrome de Muret - Lherm 00:30:00 N/A
19 LFBR Aerodrome de Muret - Lherm LFBT Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees Airport 00:30:00 N/A
20 LFBT Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees Airport LFDH Auch-Lamothe Airport 00:20:00 N/A
21 LFDH Auch-Lamothe Airport LFBP Pau Pyrenees Airport 00:30:00 N/A
22 LFBP Pau Pyrenees Airport LFBZ Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne Airport 00:30:00 N/A
23 LFBZ Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne Airport LFBS Biscarrosse Parentis Airport 00:30:00 N/A
24 LFBS Biscarrosse Parentis Airport LFDM Marmande-Virazeil Airport 00:30:00 N/A
25 LFDM Marmande-Virazeil Airport LFBD Bordeaux-Merignac Airport 00:30:00 N/A
26 LFBD Bordeaux-Merignac Airport LFBG Cognac-Chateaubernard (BA 709) Air Base 00:30:00 N/A
27 LFBG Cognac-Chateaubernard (BA 709) Air Base LFBH La Rochelle-Ile de Re Airport 00:30:00 N/A
28 LFBH La Rochelle-Ile de Re Airport LFEY Ile d'Yeu Airport 00:30:00 N/A
29 LFEY Ile d'Yeu Airport LFRZ Saint-Nazaire-Montoir Airport 00:20:00 N/A
30 LFRZ Saint-Nazaire-Montoir Airport LFEA Belle Ile Airport 00:20:00 N/A
31 LFEA Belle Ile Airport LFES Guiscriff Scaer Airport 00:30:00 N/A
32 LFES Guiscriff Scaer Airport LFEC Ouessant Airport 00:30:00 N/A
33 LFEC Ouessant Airport LFRU Morlaix-Ploujean Airport 00:30:00 N/A
34 LFRU Morlaix-Ploujean Airport LFRT Saint-Brieuc-Armor Airport 00:20:00 N/A
35 LFRT Saint-Brieuc-Armor Airport LFRD Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport 00:20:00 N/A
36 LFRD Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport LFOG Aerodrome de Flers Saint-Paul 00:30:00 N/A
37 LFOG Aerodrome de Flers Saint-Paul LFRC Cherbourg-Maupertus Airport 00:30:00 N/A
38 LFRC Cherbourg-Maupertus Airport LFRK Caen-Carpiquet Airport 00:30:00 N/A
39 LFRK Caen-Carpiquet Airport LFOP Rouen Airport 00:30:00 N/A
40 LFOP Rouen Airport LFAE Eu Mers Le Treport Airfield 00:20:00 N/A
41 LFAE Eu Mers Le Treport Airfield LFAC Calais-Dunkerque Airport 00:30:00 N/A

Tour Map

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Pilot Current Position On Tour since Aircraft
OAV001 Peter Faase LFAC Calais-Dunkerque Airport 21.05.2022 C172
OAV002 Jim Lowery LFAC Calais-Dunkerque Airport 03.08.2021 C172
OAV006 Terry Murphy LFRU Morlaix-Ploujean Airport 26.09.2021 C182
OAV008 Willem Ruys LFAC Calais-Dunkerque Airport 21.05.2022 C172
OAV014 Mal Millard LFAC Calais-Dunkerque Airport 10.08.2021 C172