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Posted by Peter Faase on 12/31/2023


SPECIAL STATEMENT from the Management of Open Air Virtual.

Open Air Virtual has no political opinion whatsoever about countries and/or their leaders. We simply fly to an airport because, with some preference, that is what an airport is intended for. In concrete terms, this means that we fly to ANY airport in the world at any given time.

Open Air Virtual (OAV), founded 1st of September 2016, is a small and dedicated virtual airline which offers our members a unique online experience with a blend of flights across the world with a range of aircraft available in most current flight-sim situations.  We are a dedicated commercial and GA airline - therefore don't have a combat or military wing - no apologies! Also, we don't have a training school and expect applicants to be 'up-to speed' with their sim and software although we will provide help with our software to get you started.


Open Air Virtual doesn't have an entrance exam and we don't expect regular flights to maintain your membership, but we expect new members to complete their first flght within 14 days of registration.  This will allow us to check that you have managed to set up the kACARS software correctly and that you are able to navigate our routes and understand the bidding system.  


We are a friendly bunch and would encourage new pilots to join in on Teamspeak where our pilots regularly meet through the day and most evenings. We maintain a small group of pilots some of whom are dedicated to testing and developing different aspects of virtual flying - which means that although we operate from different hubs with various routes and aircraft, we use these as a basis for ongoing development and just for fun.


You will see that our livery carries a picture of Amelia Earhart who was an American aviation pioneer and the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic amongst other significant achievements. Her pioneering spirit is the inspiration for our Virtual Airline. Our aim is to provide hubs and routes with a range of aircraft which will build upon the fundamentals of your sim but always looking at new and exciting developments in the flight-sim world to provide the latest experience available for your virtual career.



If you want to join us, register above and follow the info.  One of the staff will get in touch with you soon


AivlaSoftLittle NavmapLittle Navmap


Posted by Jim Lowery on 03/10/2023


Mal taking on Alaska

Views from our flights 


Early start in the Pacific Northwest

More Pacific Northwest

Doesn't look too good ahead in Australia - but Mal can 'sing a rainbow'


Got a good shot from your flight with a plane in OAV livery? - email it to Jim to get it into our gallery here.

Latest Ops News

Posted by Clinton Peake on 03/10/2023

June's Event now posted.

A few interesting statictics as of  2nd February 2023:

"Monday fly-in" - we have visited 147 airports

"Saturday Socials" - we have so far completed 75 legs of this open-ended tour.

"Thursday Events"  230 attendances by our pilots

Well done everyone and a huge thanks for participating so far.

Pilot Handbook and S.O.P.

Posted by Jim Lowery on 03/10/2023

The latest Handbook and S.O.P. is available now on our downloads page.


Posted by Jim Lowery on 09/22/2021

Our new kACARS is on the download page with info about setting it up.

Don’t forget to connect to the site and to your sim to avoid those red boxes!



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