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NOTAM Name(Oscar) Audio For VATSIM
NOTAM Creation Date2019-10-02
NOTAM Publish Date2019-10-02

Every VATSIM member should have received a NOTAM about Audio For VATSIM (AFV).  It is definitely going to be put in place on October 14th and the network will be offline entirely for at least 24 hours commencing at 2000z that date. The preparation for pilots is relatively simple and is explained by viewing information at these sites and

Please help VATSIM to make this major transition as seamless as possible by notifying your roster members to remind them to update their pilot client to the latest version in order to0 be prepared for AFV when the network is brought back online.  Current voice clients will not work after AFV is in use so it is imperative that al;l are aware of the small but vital steps they must take..  

Additional notices will be sent as we near final approach for this fundamental change in a very important facet of the VATSIM experience.

Thank you for your assistance to achieve this transition.  

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