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Open Air Virtual

About OAV

Open Air Virtual Pax

Open Air Virtual began operations on 1 October 2016 with a small fleet of Airbus A300 series in a few hubs based in the UK and Holland. This rapidly expanded and over two years we now operate a fleet of 138 aircraft which includes jet aircraft - including business jets, turbo props and some smaller light and GA aircraft. The fleet intentionally reflects the interests of our pilots.

Our worldwide hubs operate on over 900 routes including long and short haul destinations reflecting many of the major airline routes today. Passengers (and baggage) are allocated when a flight is booked which allows the pilot to plan their flight in real terms if they so wish and company costs (profit and loss) are calculated accordingly. Our pilots are paid (v$) for flying with us, their salary depending upon the rank achieved.

Open Air Virtual General Aviation

When you need a break from flying the heavies or screaming holidaymakers to their different destinations our General Aviation Club should provide some alternatives and the choice of GA plane is entirely up to your own preference.

Our tours section is a great way to learn a new aircraft too, so why not take a break and go low and slow for a while. There are no restrictions to how you choose to fly as the main theme here (as everywhere else!) is to have fun.

Some of pilots regularly meet on Teamspeak in the GA Club room for a flight, which could be in any part of the world, of about 1.5 hours every Thurday evening at 7.p.m. local UK time. Although there are no requirements here too, we usually try to choose a plane which will easily cope with about 140 knots. Look out for more info on the home page in the Future Events column. We also have a similar flight on Monday evenings - same time and pilots are encouraged to post a likely route in the Forum.

Open Air Virtual Cargo

Open Air Virtual could not be complete without a deidcated cargo wing which is why we were happy to announce the opening of our base at Leipzig Halle Airport (EDDP), reknowned in Europe as the hub for international cargo. As with our passenger routes, our cargo routes also reflect real-world destinations though, at the moment we concentrate on Europe only with over 30 destinations available.

Our fleet of 747 and 777's based in Leipzig are expecting a large slice of business from there with flights across the world to build up a massive supply chain of goods which will ultimately have to be moved on to the surrounding countryside - is that a hint of things to come?


Open Air Virtual achieved our second birthday in October 2018 and following the dedication and input from our members Open Air Virtual was pleased to inaugurate an exciting franchise based at Brussels (EBBR) to fly our fleet of Airbus 318's to many 'off the beaten track' airports across Europe. Not all are your usual holiday destinations, but airports which we think will afford our pilots a challenging route and an interesting approach to fly.

Amelia Earhart has been the inspiration for our livery design and in keeping with that in mind, we decided to develop the franchise livery along similar lines and hence chose 'Phoebe' as the basis for our new livery.

Phoebe Omilie was another female aviation pioneer, notably the first woman to receive an airplane machanic's licence and to become a licenced transport pilot. Across her very exciting career she is noted for her wing walking stunts, hanging below a plane by her teeth, setting an altitude record and numerous other aerobatic efforts.

Another woman, who by her efforts and achievements underlies the ethos of our airline.

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